Firing Range Lead Reclamation Specialist

Liberty's primary operations is to recycle tin and lead alloys, as well as other non-ferrous metals. Services provided by Liberty include trucking, transportable separation treatment and cleaning of all types of shooting ranges (rubber trap, steel trap, dirt trap). Lead removed from your range is processed and recycled here in California. We make a variety of new products from recycled lead, creating many custom alloys used in a variety of different businesses and industries. Since we are the only firm in California that both removes lead as a service and recycles the removed material, we maintain control, custody and manage the responsibility for lead from your range to our foundry.


We carry both California & Federal EPA ID numbers to complete any job size. Reclamation in excess of 5,000 kg of lead requires a Federal EPA ID.

Specialized Equipment

Various equipment such as excavators, bob cats, Mark II power screener and industrial vacuum systems will be used to complete your job site.


The job will be laid out and the equipment positioned in a way to maximize efficiency and avoid disruptions.


Prior to any work beginning, each day a safety meeting will be held to go over daily schedule and outline the work details for the day.

Site Planning

A plan will be formulated to insure everyone on the job has a detailed understanding of their responsibilities, a description of work that needs to be followed for that day and a method for reporting variations in the daily plan.

Recycle Certificate

You will be provided a valuable recyle certificate which will provide evidence for your efforts to recycle the lead from your facility. This is important documentation to have on file for City, State, or other local or Federal Agencies.

We are California's leading Firing Range Lead Reclamation Specialist

Not only do we provide firing range cleaning for all types, we are the ONLY reclamation service company that also recycles the reclaimed material into new industry products. This is all done in-house, no middle man with us. Just click below to send us a message, and one of our knowledgeable staff members will reach out to you.