About Us

steel-plant-waste WHO WE ARE

Liberty Manufacturing, Inc. is a secondary smelter manufacturing firm that has been in business at the same location in Los Angeles, California since 1999.  We have been operating our lead removal and recycling business for over 17 years.  We are a unique company, in that we provide all the services for both the removal of lead from your shooting range, and the recycling of that lead in new products for industry.  There are only a few lead foundries still operating or located in California, and none that provide shooting range services.

Liberty’s primary operations is to recycle tin and lead alloys, as well as other non-ferrous metals.  Services provided by liberty include trucking, transportable separation treatment and cleaning of all types of shooting ranges (rubber trap, steel trap, dirt trap).

Lead Removed from your range is processed and recycled here in California.  We make a variety of new products from recycled lead, creating many custom alloys used in a variety of different businesses and industries.  Since we are the only firm in California that both removes lead as a service and recycles the removed material, we maintain control, custody and manage the responsibility for lead from your range to our foundry.